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Scoping Out A Jeep Issue

This article is a “case study,” but the procedure used to find the root cause of this issue can be used on almost any application. We’ll use the scope module part of the Snap-On Zeus scan tool; is this the best scope out there? No, but the ease of use and the addition of the

Low/Reverse-Solenoid Circuit Fault Code P0750 (41)

Without question, aside from P1776 (47), one of the most-common trouble codes plaguing Dodge/Chrysler vehicles is P0750 (or 41), “Low/Reverse Solenoid Circuit error,” in 41TE-type transmissions (see Shift Pointers, October 2008). This is purely an electrical code and typically points to the solenoid, the wiring (which includes the connectors) from the solenoid body to the TCM, or the TCM itself. In so many instances on our technical hotline the cause has been a defective TCM. What becomes very frustrating is out-of-the-box remanufactured TCMs coughing up the same code as soon as they are installed; makes you think you missed something in your previous diagnosis.