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Jatco Overhaul Kits Without Pully Components

TransTec recently announced the availability of Jatco Overhaul Kits Without Pulley Components. These new kits service the JF011E, JF015E, and JF016E. The kits will not contain any of the Pulley Sealing Rings or other components associated with the Pulley. Was this content valuable? Submit Cancel Thanks for your feedback!

Tri Component Introduces Clutch Plates for Jatco RE5R05A

Tri Component Products Corp. has announced the availability of torque converter friction clutch plates for Jatco RE5R05A (p/n JX-23-34). Tri Component introduces true segmentation to overcome premature wear and to comply with OE performance specifications. The plate’s friction material with Kevlar fiber outlasts OE and replacements. Tri USA-based engineering and manufacturing enables it to provide

Information, Equipment & Experience

When a vehicle comes into your shop for repair you need to determine whether you have access to service information, the equipment needed to make the repair and the experience to repair it. As you read this article you will see just how challenging a transmission replacement sometimes can be. In this particular situation the service information was misleading and special equipment was needed to make the repair. This was one job that turned into yet another learning experience for me.

A Case of Mistaken Identity, Part 2: Impossible?

It is important that you identify the problem immediately. Do not road-test the vehicle to check out the forward speeds if you are having a problem with reverse. The reduction band must be anchored to the case by the anchor stud to prevent rotation. If you try to drive the vehicle without the stud in place, the band will rotate, wedging itself between the drum and case. This will prevent the drum from rotating and will burn the clutches that try to apply for a given gear. If the clutches lose their service ability, then the transmission must be removed.

A Case of Mistaken Identity

The recent JATCO five-speed automatic transaxle shown in Figure 1 can be found in a variety of vehicles. In the Mazda6 and MPV it is known as the JA5A-EL; in the Jaguar X type it is known as the JF506E; in the VW Golf, GTI and Jetta it is known as the 09A; and in the Land Rover Freelander it is called the JF506E as in Jaguar vehicles.