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Nissan GT-R GR-6 DCT Clutch Pack

Alto Products Corp. recently announced its “209 Series” of clutches for the Nissan GT-R (GR-6 DCT) transmission. These clutches and steels are offered in selective sizes so builders can customize their stack-up. Alto p/n 209710-200 (left) is a high-energy K2 friction clutch at .079” thickness. Alto p/n 209710-150(right) is a G3 HP friction clutch at

10-Speed Performance Clutch Packs

Alto Products Corp has introduced two new High-Performance PowerPacks for Ford 10R80 and GM 10L80/90 transmissions. The kit includes Alto (p/n 231755) “C” Clutch(top), and Alto (p/n 231756) “E” Clutch(bottom). Each of these clutch packs features G3 Frictions & Performance Steels. These high-capacity kits are designed to incorporate more clutches in the stack-up.

68RFE Stage 3 PowerPack

Alto Products Corp. recently released an update to their Stage 3 Underdrive/Overdrive PowerPack for the Chrysler/Dodge 68RFE transmission. The kit (p/n 128755E) features G3 1-Sided Friction Clutches engineered to meet the demands of the high horsepower high torque performance market. Upgrades include, (20) .057” Frictions, (2) .052” Frictions, (1) New .279” OD/UD Pressure Plate, (1) New .385”/.275”

4R100, 5R110W Three-Piece Damper Assembly

Tri Component announces the availability of its three-piece damper assembly (p/n FX-23-45A) for 4R100 & 5R110W, 6-stud converters. Specifically machined areas prevent “wobbling” of the piston resulting in the elimination of turbine interference/noise common in the OEM assembly. The assembly is available in both bonded and unbonded versions. The friction material used is a Tri

8L90E Coated Torque Converter Friction Ring

Alto Products recently introduced its GM 8L90E Coated Torque Converter Friction Ring (10 notch design). The ring features its G3­ Hi-Performance material (p/n T2464G3). For more information, visit

Performance Clutch Pack for ZF8HP45, ZF8HP51, 845RE

Alto Products Corp has announced that a new Hi-Performance “C” and “E” Clutch PowerPack is available for the ZF8HP45, ZF8HP51, and 845RE transmissions. Alto PowerPack (p/n 215755) features G3 friction material and performance steels, both of which are designed to extend durability and enhance performance of the “C” & “E” clutch packs. The specially sized

68RFE Reverse Drum Saver

The kit features G3 Friction Clutches and the Alto Pocket Plate.

Hyundai/Kia Torque Converter Clutches

Alto Products Corp. has announced four new one-sided friction clutch plates for the Hyundai/Kia A6LF1/2/3, A5HF1, and A6GF1 Torque Converters. Alto p/n 213714A and 213716A (A6LF1/2/3) feature the company’s G3 friction material, which is engineered to be durable for high-performance and converter applications. Alto p/n 213718A and 213720A (A5HF1, A6GF1) feature K2 high-energy friction material, designed for many different

66RFE Clutches 2014-On

New friction and steel clutch plates available from Alto.

66RFE Clutches 2014-On

New 66RFE clutch plates available from Alto Products Corp.

New Honda Modules

Alto has released friction and steel clutch modules for select Honda transmissions.

Alto USA Producing Face Shields in COVID Response

Alto USA converts friction plate production line to create face shields for N95 masks.