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Alto introduces Ford Mustang cartridge filter kit

Alto has introduced a cartridge filter kit for Ford TR-9070 DCT seven-speed models, fitting the Mustang GT500 with 5.0L and 5.2L engines. The filter kit (part no. 239940) comes with an o-ring and five bolts.

Mustang Adapter Flange Yoke Kits

Sonnax has released flange yoke kits for ’05-’19 Mustangs.

Getting Down to Business

I have been in this business a long time, and I still relish the feeling when I find the fault and fix the car. The root cause is the critter I’m always on the prowl for, and I will use any weapon I can find to bag that beast. That often means extra hours and every resource in my shop; however, I have been fortunate lately to catch some interesting issues fairly quickly by using the correct tool. Following are some situations I’ve encountered recently. Which tool would you use to correct them?

Manual-Transmission Theory: Back to Basics

On automatic transmissions, engine-related computer problems can affect transmission operation. Computer-controlled vehicles have very complex electronic circuits and multiple computers, all of which need to work together. That being the case, we will start with the basics of rear-wheel-drive manual-transmission function and proceed to more-complex diagnostic issues with transfer cases and front-wheel-drive manual transmissions in the next series of articles. Transmission designs may vary in size, shape and appearance, but all the units function in the same manner.

Understanding the Tremec 3650 5-Speed Transmission

The T5 was one of the most widely used transmissions in history. Ford replaced it for the Mustang with the T45, which was used in the Pony cars until 1991. Tremec then designed and got accepted by Ford the Tremec 3650, which replaced the T45 in Ford Mustangs in 1991 and is being used in 2007 production. Figure 1 shows other vehicles in which the 3650 is used.

Solving a Tough Problem With the Tremec T45 Transmission

The T45 five-speed transmission was introduced in the Ford Mustang in the 1996 model year and continued in production through the 2001 models. Tremec Transmissions Corp. in Mexico manufactures this transmission for Ford.

Two New Tremec Transmissions for the Ford Mustang

The TR3650 is manufactured by Tremec Corp., a state-of-the-art transmission manufacturer with facilities in the United States and Mexico. Tremec bought the standard-transmission line from BorgWarner Corp. and continues to manufacture the T5, T45, TR3550, TKO and T56 transmissions.