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A Box, in a CAN

One of our customers rebuilt an AW55-50 and had repeat complaints of a 2-3 shift flare. Everything on the transmission side of this complaint was corrected and rechecked. Everything on the valve-body and control side of the complaint was done, checked, verified and looked at again. Resets/relearns – you name it, they tried it. Eventually another valve body was tried, but the car continued to have the 2-3 flare.

4L60-E Flares on 2-3 Shift (Now What?)

In past TASC Force™ Tech Tips, I have stressed the benefits of testing electrical circuits by measuring current draw. I have also commented that finding new information adds pieces to the puzzle and helps to bring the whole technical picture into better view. This month’s topic is an example of using current-draw testing to uncover an additional cause for 2-3 shift flare on 4L60-E transmissions.