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CFT30 Variator Repair

Today’s CVTs are a fact of life because of the number of them on the street. In addition, the flavors (variety) of CVTs have also increased.

One of the more popular CVTs being rebuilt today is in a now-defunct vehicle, Saturn, whereas other CVTs are used by Nissan in vehicles like the Murano. The Nissan CVTs are produced by Jatco, which is the dominant CVT manufacturer in the marketplace today. Jatco has recently released a variation of a CVT that actually has an auxiliary gearbox, making it a partial step-type trans. It almost seems like a “step” backward from a pure CVT.

CVTs – Do I Rebuild Them or not?

The question of whether to rebuild a continuously variable transmission (CVT) has increased dramatically this past year on our technical hotline, and I thought I might risk making a few comments about this subject.

The call comes to our technical hotline a few different ways. The question has been: “Why are people saying you cannot rebuild CVTs?” or, “Is it worth trying to rebuild one of these” or, “What am I getting myself into if I try to rebuild one? What tools do I need?”

My answers to these questions follow.