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Alto introduces transmission filter for Honda, Acura 6-speeds

Alto has introduced a new transmission filter for Honda and Acura six-speed transmissions. The internal transmission filter (part no. 146944A) with 27mm pickup covers the following transmissions: MT4A, ARP6, M7PA and PV2A.

Raybestos introduces new Honda, Acura filters

Raybestos has introduced a series of new filters for a variety of Honda/Acura applications. The new filters are available from Raybestos now. The line includes the following: B5RA, B5SA inline filter 2011-2015 (Part No. 515390; OE Ref. 25430-R5L-003) Pictured above KA/KL CVT plastic filter 2014-on for Civic, Fit, HR-V (Part No. 515391; OE Ref. 25420-5T0-003)

Sonnax highlights 948TE, Honda/Acura nine-speed, ZF9 zip kit

Sonnax highlights the zip kit #948TE-ZF9-Honda-Zip, which the company says can seal critical circuit pressure losses in Chrysler 948TE, ZF9HP48 and Honda/Acura nine-speed transmissions. This kit contains parts to prevent pressure loss within the main line, system, solenoid feed and various clutch control circuits, the company says, targeting the root cause of multiple complaints. No

Transtar highlights valve kit for Chrysler, Honda/Acura, ZF transmissions

Transtar highlights its solenoid pressure regular valve kit for Chrysler 948TE, ZF9HP49, and Honda and Acura nine-speed transmissions, covering model years 2014 to 2022. According to the company, features of the kit include: A hardcoat anodized aluminum valve that combats premature wear; Highly wear resistant billet sleeve seals bore from wear-related fluid loss that provide

Sonnax introduces new nine-speed kits for ZF, Chrysler and Honda/Acura

Sonnax has introduced a new line of valve kits for nine-speed transmissions, including ZF9HP48, Chrysler 948TE and Honda/Acura nine-speed transmissions. According to the company, these kits feature hardcoat anodized aluminum valves that combat premature wear, and can restore proper pressure regulation, line pressure regulation and solenoid pressure regulation in nine-speed transmissions. Part numbers include: Shift

No Shim and a Short

Lorenzo Ortiz from Phillips Transmission had a 2005 Acura TSX with the MCTA five-speed transmission come into his shop for repairs. After it was repaired and installed into the vehicle, it had a new problem. The car would not start. The immobilizer lamp was flashing and the scan tool could not communicate with the engine control module, yet all other modules would communicate.

Acura MDX with a Mind of its Own

Little did the owner of a 2005 Acura MDX know that at the time the transmission in his vehicle was being repaired that it was the start of a long uphill battle. The vehicle initially was towed into a shop for inspection due to a no-movement condition. In addition, the check-engine light was on indicating the presence of trouble codes, several of which were verified on a scanner.

It’s Not in the Manual

A while back one of our members called the tech line about a 2002 Toyota Sequoia that required replacement of the valve body. After the valve body was installed the vehicle had no reverse, pulled forward in neutral but drove perfectly when the selector lever was in the overdrive position.

Upgrading the Honda Impeller-to-Stator Bearing

Torque-converter rebuilders have been reporting Honda bearing failures in increasing numbers. The bearing failures have been from different locations within the converters and have been reported in most of the Honda and Acura models. The most common of the failures has been the bearing between the impeller and stator in the larger-diameter converters. In all converters, the bearing in this location carries most of the thrust load when the vehicle is accelerating, and it is typically the first bearing to fail. Because the larger-diameter converters are used in the larger, higher-torque V-6 applications, the thrust loads on this bearing are even greater.

Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

Codes setting codes is not a new concept in the automotive industry. An example of this in the world of transmissions occurs in Dodge vehicles using the 41TE transaxle. If it develops a gear-ratio-error code such as P0731/2/3/4, code 1790 “Fault Immediately After Shift” can also be present as a result of the gear-ratio code or codes. In fact, the explanation given by the manufacturer for setting this code is: This code is set if the associated speed ratio code is stored within 1.3 seconds after a shift.

Serviceability Report: The Acura RL, Honda’s Top-End Car

How does the 2009 Acura RL compare with the 2003 Acura RL in terms of serviceability?

It has been six years ago this month since I was asked to speak for you in AutoInc. The purpose of my quarterly article is to have a dialogue in terms of a technician’s point of view when it comes to the design of cars and trucks.

When in Doubt, Reset

If you find yourself faced with a1998-up Acura RX300 or a 2000-up Toyota RAV4 with shift-quality concerns, here are a few things you should know before you waste your time chasing wild geese.