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Trouble in Reverse

When I first started the engine, the car jerked and moved forward 5’ and then neutralized. I noted a hydraulic pump whine also, and when I brought it into the shop I first checked the fluid and found transmission. This Mustang had 96,000 miles on it, so I thought surely this wasn’t a serious electrical issue.

Valve-Body and Plate Changes for the 5R55S

In 2009, Ford changed the casting of the 5R55S valve body and changed the separator plate as well.

‘Why should I pay for diagnosis?’

A 2003 Lincoln LS with a 3.9-liter V-8 and 5R55S transmission came into our shop with a grocery list of codes stored, no power, and it didn’t shift. I scanned for codes, found P0715, 717, 718, 731, 732, 733, 734, 745 and P2106. As you can see it had turbine-speed-sensor codes, gear-ratio codes, pressure-control fault and a forced limited power from the TAC. My first thought was that the turbine-speed sensor had failed and as a result of continued driving set the other codes.

Morning Sickness – Well, Sort Of

At ATSG we have received several calls on the 5R55N/W/S transmission in the new Lincoln LS, Jaguar, Ford Explorer or Mountaineer concerning a complaint of delayed or no engagement. The condition occurs most often during first morning startup, under extreme cold-temperature conditions, and the transmission may engage if the throttle is snapped wide open.