May 2001 Archives - Transmission Digest
May 2001 Issue

Ford’s 5R55N has a tab added to the new-design pan gasket to prevent the roll pin in the manual link-age from falling out.

Different procedures have to be addressed on the assembly of the low sprag in Ford 5R55N units.

On a Mercury Villager or Nissan Quest with 4F2OE or RE4FO4A, when the malfunction indica-tor lamp is lamp on and codes are stored but there are no drivability or transmission concerns, the cause may be a malfunctioning throttle-position sensor.

DaimlerChrysler changed the driveshaft yoke on A518/A618 units, so after rebuild it may not fit the output shaft.

No reverse and a 3-neutral shift after overhaul of a BMW ZF5-HP-30 may be caused by misassembly of the A-/C-clutch housing.

Shift shuttle on General Motors trucks and vans with 4L80-E transmissions probably means that the connectors for the input- and output-speed sensors have been switched.