March 2001 Archives - Transmission Digest
March 2001 Issue

Issue Summary:

Beginning at the start of production for the 1998 model year, the Ford 4R100 was offered with two different torque-converter-clutch application strategies – PWM and non-PWM versions. We cover the parts affected on V-10 gasoline and diesel applications.

Harsh shifts when a Mazda/Ford GF4A-EL/GF4EAT gets hot and the pressures get erratic may be caused by a faulty pressure-control solenoid.

A worn governor valve can be one cause for late or no upshifts or no upshift after kick-down in a Chrysler A500/A518.

Undefined gear-ratio-error codes stored on vans and trucks with 4L80-E transmissions may be traced to an output carrier without a speed-sensor exciter ring.