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Raybestos introduces new steel pressure plate for 4R100 transmissions

Raybestos has introduced a new steel pressure plate for Ford 4R100/E4OD/C6 applications, model years 1989 and on. According to the company, this .125-in. steel pressure plate is meant to replace the .337-in. OE pressure plate. The company says that the full steel plate (part no. 511041), which has 26 teeth, resists breakage and eliminates the

Raybestos adds new clutches for GM 8L45

Raybestos Powertrain has introduced two new clutch packs for the GM 8L45. The first is a GPZ friction clutch pack (part no. RGPZ-285) for model years 2016 and on of the 8L45. This GPZ complete unit Clutch Pack module features (4) C1 Clutch, (3) C2 Clutch, (5) C3 Clutch, (4) C4 Clutch, (4) C5 Clutch

Raybestos introduces new 6L80/90 clutch packs

Raybestos has introduced a new GPZ performance friction clutch pack for the GM 6L80 and 6L90, model years 2006 and on. According to the company, this clutch pack contains upgraded friction components manufactured with a blend of GPZ high energy fibers for ultimate stress and high temperature durability. This kit includes 6 GPZ565 1-2-3-4, 6

Raybestos introduces new Honda, Acura filters

Raybestos has introduced a series of new filters for a variety of Honda/Acura applications. The new filters are available from Raybestos now. The line includes the following: B5RA, B5SA inline filter 2011-2015 (Part No. 515390; OE Ref. 25430-R5L-003) Pictured above KA/KL CVT plastic filter 2014-on for Civic, Fit, HR-V (Part No. 515391; OE Ref. 25420-5T0-003)

Raybestos introduces new filters for Mercedes, Volkswagen, Nissan

Raybestos has introduced a series of new filters covering Mercedes, Volkswagen/Audi and Nissan/Infiniti transmissions. Models covered include: Mercedes 725.0, model years 2016 and on (pan/filter); Volkswagen / Audi 09G, AQ250 and AWTF-60SN transmissions, model years 2017 and on (plastic filter); Nissan/Infiniti JF020E and RE0F12A transmissions, model years 2018 and on (metal filter); Volkswagen/Audi 0CK and DL382-7F

Powertrain industry profiles 2022

The following pages contain powertrain industry profiles, key people and product information from leading companies in the marketplace. These profiles serve as an introduction for companies participating in autumn trade shows. The companies include: Evolution Driveline, Freudenberg–NOK / TransTec, Precision International, Raybestos Powertrain, Sonnax, Superior Transmission and Transtar. Click or view the images below to

Raybestos introduces OE converter twin plate damper for Ford transmissions

Raybestos has introduced a new OE converter twin plate damper for Ford E4OD, 4R100 and 5R110W transmissions. According to the company, this new product (part number RT4116X) is a complete multi-plate OE assembly which works with non-seal ring style turbine hub PTO units. RT4116X should not be used with seal ring applications, Raybestos notes.

Raybestos introduces Ford 10R80 clutch pack

Raybestos Powertrain has introduced a new Ford 10R80 high energy clutch pack module (part no. RCP96-523). This kit contains 3 A Clutch, 5 B Clutch, 5 C Clutch, 6 D Clutch, 5 E Clutch, 4 F Clutch high energy OE replacement friction clutch plates. According to Raybestos, the high energy friction material meets OE performance

TD’s top ten products and tools of 2022

Transmission Digest readers voted during the past several weeks to select their favorite transmission products and tools for 2022 from among those nominated and published in the December issue. A note: there was a three-way tie in the voting for products, so 12 are listed; while only 9 tools were nominated. The winners are presented

Raybestos introduces 10R80, 10L80/90 GPZ E Clutch Torqkit

Raybestos has announced the new 10R80, 10L80 E Clutch Torqkit. The company says it features an increased clutch count with 6 performance GPZ frictions, 7 Steels, and .101 selective steel. According to the company it is made for performance, durability and towing capacity in Ford Mustang, F-150, Expedition, Ranger, Explorer and in GM Camaro, Suburban,

Torqkit-Raybestos 1400
10R140 6.7L Diesel Friction Clutch Pack

Raybestos Powertrain recently introduced a complete GPZ Clutch Pack module for 2020-on Ford 10R140 transmission 6.7L diesels (p/n RGPZ-276). The kit features (4) GPZ780 A Brake, (5) GPZ755 B Brake, (6) GPZ756 C Clutch, (6) GPZ781 D Clutch, (4) GPZ782 E Clutch, (4) GPZ759 F Clutch GPZ friction clutch plates. GPZ friction material is upgraded

Toyota Supra 8HP51 Performance Clutch Pack

The Raybestos Powertrain ZF 8HP51 Transmission Friction Clutch Pack Module, (p/n RGPZ-280) features (5) GPZ775 A, (5) GPZ783 B, (6) GPZ784, (4) GPZ778, (6) GPZ784 made-in-USA GPZ friction clutch plates. GPZ friction material is an upgraded material beyond the OE design and is manufactured with a unique blend of high-energy fibers for ultimate stress and