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Fixing JF011E primary pulley pressure sensor issues

A 2.4L Dodge Caliper using a JF011E CVT2 transmission developed a problem with the Primary Pulley Pressure sensor. A low circuit error code P0842 was pulled from the TCM. The sensor ground and 5-volt wiring circuits were checked and verified as good. The signal wire was then inspected and was also verified as good. There

Chasing Bearing Noise in the JF011E CVT

Bearing noises can be difficult to track down even in familiar transmissions which we work on daily. The advantage of the familiar is that we know how to take these units apart and have a general idea of power flow and overall operation–plus, we typically have plenty of extra pieces on the shelf should we need them. Bearing noises in the CVT transmission are much harder to deal with, because we’re not as familiar with it as the units rolling in the door on a daily basis and spare CVT pieces are pretty much non-existent. This has created some minor paranoia when it comes to taking on a CVT repair. Hopefully this article will dispel a bit of the apprehension regarding these units and prove that–with the right tools and a little know-how–CVTs can be repaired and become decent money makers for a shop.