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New Filter Catalog Adds 142 Late Model P/Ns, Expands Older Vehicle Coverage

Premium Guard Inc. (PGI) has released its new 2021 automotive filter catalog. The catalog represents the most current application information available in the automotive filters business, featuring 142 new late model part numbers and expanded application coverage for older vehicles. A total of 1644 SKUs are presented in a simple and easy-to-use make/model/year format. The 1040-page

6L80 Filter Crush

The transmission we are talking about is the 6L80 family of transmissions. It’s quite surprising to know the many times we have encountered this installation error. It is essential that the entire pan be fully supported by a saddle to distribute the pressure evenly across the bottom of the transmission. This will prevent damage to both the pan and filter resulting in immediate failure of your rebuilt transmission.