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Professional-Grade Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF

Champion Brands, a globally recognized blender and packager of motor oils, gear lubes, brake fluids, and many other specialty lubricants, is currently marketing GlobalTrans ATF, a professional-grade full-synthetic multi-vehicle (MV) automatic transmission fluid specifically designed to lubricates internal moving parts, but also provide hydraulic pressure, friction and cooling to make transmissions work more efficiently.  Champion

Video: Identifying ATF Contamination

Using test strips can help identify if there’s water or antifreeze contamination.

Video: Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid has always been a key component of the automatic transmission, however, with today’s complexities it has never been more important. Virtually every transmission family uses a specific elixir containing a different additive package. Even the color of certain fluids has changed. Using the wrong ATF can result in a variety of drivability and