A140E Archives - Transmission Digest
Cynically Clever

One recent example involved a Toyota Camry with the A140-E four-speed transaxle and an L4 engine. Although this transmission was used in model years 1983 through 2001, we rarely receive calls on it – yet in one week I had three calls. One problem was rapid or stacked upshifts with no kick-down shifts. This problem is typically caused by restricted solenoids. The second call was a harsh engagement into reverse. This is typically caused by the use of flat frictions to replace the waved ones originally installed (see Shift Pointers on page XX of this issue).

A Self-Inflicted Injury

There have been enough different cross-connection scenarios that ATSG could easily do a full-day seminar on the subject. The worst of all involved an R4A-EL transmission in a Mazda 929 on which the input-speed sensor was cross-connected with the heated O2 sensor. Soon after the vehicle was started, voltage from the ECM that was supposed to be going to the heated O2 sensor was being routed to the TCM because of the cross-connection error.