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Identifying BorgWarner Transfer Cases

We have assembled here an identification guide for the current-production models of BorgWarner transfer cases, which will include a number of models that are not sold in the United States. Since we now have a global economy and Transmission Digest is read by technicians around the world, it is necessary to try to help our brothers in other countries to identify the complete line of transfer cases.

Getting ‘Stumped’

About 30 minutes later I got a call from the wrecker driver and he asked to talk to me. “This is scary; now what went wrong?” I was thinking. The wrecker driver told me he was “stumped.” He explained to me that the vehicle was in a position where he couldn’t get it loaded. Then he explained that the truck wouldn’t roll, as it was hung up – you got it, on a STUMP (see figures 1 and 2)!


Partnerships at best are difficult. No two people think completely alike about anything. Even when they start out heading in the same direction, life can get in the way. Things can happen that change both business and personal situations and relationships, many times causing the partners to rethink their positions on a multitude of issues.

Serviceability Report: Chevrolet Malibu

The name Malibu brings a lot of us older techs back to a time in the ’60s that was more “car” based and less about the world impact of so many vehicles. My dad drove a 1967 Malibu 307 two-door hardtop, blue with a white vinyl roof, that I borrowed for my first date. Oh, the memories; simpler times for sure.

Taking the Long Road

A 1994 Mercury Villager with a Nissan RE4FO4A transmission came in with an abrupt downshift and upshift coinciding with the accelerator being depressed and released and was more noticeable at freeway speeds (about 60 mph).

Oddities & Wear-Out, Part 2

Continuing this month with the information provided by Jim Dial on the U-series 140/240 transmission we cover some common wear-out areas in the valve body that can cause this unit to fail again prematurely. The best thing about this is that they are all sleeves and are easily repaired. These items were discovered as the U140/U240 Technicians Diagnostic Guide was being written.

September 2008 Issue

Issue Summary:

An Isuzu with a 4L30-E may go into failsafe, with solenoid codes stored, after a fluid-and-filter change.

After overhaul, an Isuzu or BMW vehicle with a 4L30-E may partially stall when the transmission is placed into gear or may exhibit discoloring and/or premature failure of the torque converter.

After overhaul, vehicles equipped with the Mercedes 722.6 transmission may exhibit multiple gear-ratio errors and/or limp mode.

Blame the Torque Converter – Part 1

Society often influences us to try to blame others for our problems. From an early age we try to place blame with friends or siblings. Our training usually continues into our school age, when the guilty person is always “the other guy.” It seems only natural for this mindset to continue into the workplace. This is especially true if your workplace happens to be with the automatic-transmission industry. The mysterious inside of a sealed torque converter is easily substituted for the “big dumb kid” in the back of the classroom. The following are examples of a torque converter being unjustly blamed for a transmission problem.