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GM 4T65E: TCC solenoid circuit codes stored
Chrysler 62TE: P0733 third gear ratio/neutral condition
Ford 6R140W: Transmission fluid leak
GM AF23/33-5 (AW55-50SN): TCM relocation

You Gotta Be Kiddin’

Many of these vehicles have had defective OE converter-clutch linings causing the slip. Many of these have since been resolved so this issue doesn’t come up as much on ATSG’s technical help as it used to.
But when they do come in, we explain the way to verify a defective converter lining. It is by checking TCC pressure on the transmission’s one-and-only pressure tap.

Seal the Deal: Preventing Comebacks with Non-Valve-Body Vacuum Testing

Vacuum testing is not a new process in the automotive field. After engine builders “lapped” a sealable mating surface between valves and their seats, they would use vacuum to test for any leaks that needed to be addressed. Vacuum testing is relatively new to the transmission rebuilding industry, though.

It’s the Little Things

The phrase, “It’s the little things,” is often times pared with “that count” or “will get you.” Both are true when it comes to a loss of reverse after rebuilding a 4F27E. It is easy to overlook the little things that count and it will be the little thing that gets you.

Blame it on Missing Harness Retaining Clips

The subject vehicle that was fitted with one of our remanufactured transmissions six months prior showed up at one of our repair locations recently, with the customer concern of an intermittent bumpy 1-2 shift, and a low-power lugging sensation along with a CEL on. While performing our initial evaluation, we found a P1860 code stored in history, but not current. During the road test the truck was working well with no clear signs of what set the DTC, but after several minutes of driving it started to act up. The TCC was applying right on top of the 1-2 shift, but according to the scan-tool data, was not being commanded on by the ECU.

How Does the Original Toyota Prius Plug-In Stack up to the New Prius Prime?

The Prius family (Prius Hatchback, Prius C, Prius V and the new Prime) is still popular. When the engineers changed the plug-in model technically, did they make it easier or harder to service and repair? We’ll find out.

ATI: Performance Made Personal

“ATI Performance Products Inc., has been around a long time,” says CEO J.C. Beattie, Jr. “The start was a little transmission and general repair shop in Silver Spring, Md., where my dad (Jim Beattie) was in business with a partner for the first few years. That shop, ATI Transmission, is still in business there today. The business was a small general repair type shop with a large fleet customer, Yellow Cab in D.C. There was a lot of transmission work there, Powerglides at first and later 350s and 400s.

Pushing Boundaries and Pulling in an Earned Media Boost

How can your company incorporate and take advantage of earned media?

Community events and trade shows: Getting out and interacting with the community is a great way for people to learn more about your company, employees, and overall brand. Give them a good experience worth telling someone else about – or posting on social media.

New-Employee Orientation: Inspect What You Expect

Hiring a new employee begins a relationship with someone who was, more than likely, a total stranger to you not very long ago. Even if you conducted a very well planned interview process you still don’t know very much about this person and he or she probably knows little about you and the way your company functions. Without many preconceived notions, this is a great time for you to make a strong impression on your new hire.

Are We Speaking the Same Language?

If you are repairing transmissions for a living, you will invariably spend some time on the phone ordering parts and speaking with technical hotlines to assist in your diagnosis of problems. Having been on both ends of a tech line for over half a century and an equal amount of time buying parts, I have learned a whole new language. To be successful communicating with those entities, one must understand the language and be speaking about the same correct topic with whoever is on the other end of the conversation.