Gary Carne, Author at Transmission Digest
Nissan RE5R05A: Converter shudder after repair of a radiator cooler failure

This vehicle is a 108,261-mile 2000 Nissan Pathfinder with pink ATF. Sound familiar? Yep, the radiator had failed. We had ATF in the radiator and anti-freeze in the ATF – typical Nissan repair these days. Seems like 20 years ago we had the same issues.

Good Vibrations: 4T60-E Differential Problems

A customer comes into your shop in a GM vehicle with a 4T60-E transmission that’s making a lot of noise no matter what speed the car is going but is quiet as long as there’s no wheel movement, or possibly no movement at all. You do the basic diagnostics, pull the pan and discover that the pan is full of metal, and upon disassembly you find the differential parking-gear bearing is blown. Or, even worse, a unit you just repaired a couple of months ago comes back with one of these problems.