David Chalker, Author at Transmission Digest
‘Where Is all that Noise Coming From?’

This recent experience was brought to my mind as I spoke with a customer who told me of an issue he was having with a Ford Freestyle that seemed to be emitting an unrelenting noise similar to what I’d expect from our five boys and one girl (the “one girl,” by the way, is an “angel” and is never loud – HA!). The noise was unrelenting, not because it was loud but because it just wouldn’t stop.

Don’t Let This Burst Your Bubble

The ZF 5HP19 FL/FLA automatic transaxle has had its share of problems during its tenure, fitted in the Audi A4, A6 and A8 and the Volkswagen Passat. One concern we have been dealing with recently on the tech line at ATSG is the complaint of neutralizing under a heavy throttle in first or second gear.