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Is Your Team Performing or Storming?

When there’s a lack of harmony on a team, chances are everyone is aware of it on some level, even if it’s just a vague sense of something’s not quite right.

Be the Special in Specialization

What about your business? Is it a specialty shop, perhaps one that specializes in a certain “T” word we all know and love in the automotive industry – or perhaps not?

How Does the Stock Market Affect Your Business?

The stock market is a venue for people who want to gamble on something many of them think they can control by doing a lot of research and constant tracking of the companies in which they invest. In point of fact you can follow your companies all you want. You can find out lots of information that will tell you how strong their sales are as opposed to their costs. You can check the background of all their executives and look into their relationships with other companies. In fact, with the Internet putting so much information right in front of you on your computer screen, you might think you can find out everything you need to know about how well companies are doing and how their stocks should behave on the market. One little problem though: Some of the best companies simply follow the market up or down, their individual performance notwithstanding. In other words, when the Dow Jones drops it takes these great companies with it no matter how well they are doing.