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New Business Intelligence Dashboard Introduced

Shop Boss, a shop management solution for independent auto repair shops, recently introduced BOSS Board – a new business intelligence dashboard designed to give data-driven shop owners access to real-time metrics and reporting. BOSS Board’s clean, simple design provides a visually appealing way for shop managers to harness the powerful analytics and reporting tools that can assess shop performance to boost

Proliferating Packages

All about transmission kits and how they relate to the transmission repair industry.

In this Together

The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on our industry. But we aren’t the type to stay down.

Transmission Repair, Transmission Performance

Superior Transmission and Auto Repair is a family business that branches out into performance and general auto repair.


What exactly do you expect from the people with whom you deal every day? Do you have certain expectations of your employees, suppliers, and customers? But the bigger question is, Do they know it? Do they know exactly what you want from all of them, or are you the type who just thinks they should all be able to figure it out for themselves and then if they don’t, get all bent out of shape?

Small-Business Owners May Be the Most Gullible People in the World!

When you own and operate a small business of any kind, especially one as challenging as automotive, you’d like to think that there is a magic answer to all your problems, especially the financial ones. Whenever a large group of people is that desperate to find a solution, you can bet that at least a handful of ne’er-do-wells will come along to claim that they know what it is. They always make the answer seem simple, but it usually turns out to be quite expensive and sometimes overwhelming to implement or maintain, if indeed it works at all.