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Cut Resistant Gloves Feature Fine Motor Dexterity and Tactile Sensitivity

Demonstrating just how important appropriate hand protection is, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 70% of workers who experience hand injuries are not wearing gloves. Matching the hazard to the proper level of protection is key. Equally important are protective gloves that are not only comfortable but so dexterous that they make the

Ford’s Hybrid Transaxle, Part 1

Beginning with the 2005 model year Ford produced the Escape in a hybrid version (Figure 1) that was shared by the Mercury Mariner and Mazda Tribute, pretty much the same vehicle.

The transaxle in these vehicles is called the eCVT, and even though there are no pulleys or a drive belt its ability to change gear ratios in a stepless fashion using electric motors puts it into the CVT category. The hybrid system in these vehicles is considered a series/parallel system, which means it can take off on electric power only or it can use the internal-combustion engine (ICE).

Technician Safety

How honest are we with ourselves in regard to our safety practices? Do we occasionally find ourselves cutting corners or ignoring safety practices in our bays?

E4OD/4R100 Safety Alert

The concern addressed in the bulletin is that the wiring from the overdrive switch may not be routed properly and may come into contact with a steering-column-cover mounting screw and cause a short. This short will blow the #17 fuse.