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What Kind of Boss Are You?

Your behavior in front of your employees is a big determining factor in the way they will behave toward each other, your customers, your suppliers and you. Here are some prevalent and damaging behaviors that some bosses exhibit. If they expect the best from their employees they’ll need to clean up their own act first.

Small-Business Owners May Be the Most Gullible People in the World!

When you own and operate a small business of any kind, especially one as challenging as automotive, you’d like to think that there is a magic answer to all your problems, especially the financial ones. Whenever a large group of people is that desperate to find a solution, you can bet that at least a handful of ne’er-do-wells will come along to claim that they know what it is. They always make the answer seem simple, but it usually turns out to be quite expensive and sometimes overwhelming to implement or maintain, if indeed it works at all.