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2016 Nissan Altima: What to do with a defective TCM

Nissan vehicles that produce Judder codes DTC P17F0 and/or DTC P17F1 in many cases will be a defective TCM. One sure way to know is to document and clear all codes. Then, keep the ignition on for a bit without the engine running. If the code returns, a defective TCM has been confirmed requiring a

Serviceability Report: Nissan Altima

In 1993, Nissan discontinued its much-criticized Stanza, replacing it with the U.S.-made Altima, which, like the Stanza, is a compact car. The very first Altima rolled off the assembly line June 15, 1992, as a 1993 model. All Altimas were built in Smyrna, Tenn., until June 2004, when Nissan’s Canton, Miss., plant began producing additional Altimas to meet high demand.

Catching a Brake on Shift Problems

A 2001 Nissan Altima was brought to a transmission shop with the complaint that the shifter would not move into reverse or park. The customer explained that the vehicle performed just fine when cold but occasionally refused to go into reverse or park after warming up. The shop performed its routine pre-checks and then road-tested the vehicle. The pre-checks didn’t show any codes present (not even a history code), and the technician wasn’t able to reproduce the condition on the road test. The customer was asked to leave the vehicle for further evaluation.