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Ford FNR5 Setting P0735 After Overhaul

The complaint A 2008 Ford Fusion equipped with the 2.3 liter engine and FNR5 transmission was setting trouble code P0735 after overhaul. The transmission was removed and disassembled for inspection. The direct fifth gear drum was air checked and it was found to be leaking. The drum was replaced and the transmission was reassembled and

Ford Fusion Harsh 5th Gear (Avoiding: Failure to Communicate)

A customer with a 2010 Ford Fusion was experiencing erratic harsh upshifts into 5th and sometimes 6th gear. The vehicle was equipped with a 3.0L engine, 6F35 transmission and had 58,000 miles on it. There were no trouble codes; however, the problem was getting progressively worse. The other gear ranges seemed okay and the fluid was in fairly good condition.