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Jurassic Park Revisited

This all came about from a technician who was working on a cast-iron Hydramatic in a vintage 1955 Cadillac. During the phone conversation the technician mentioned that with all the late-model electronically controlled vehicles that come through his shop, it felt strange working on a version of the first automatic transmission ever put into a car or truck, to which I answered, “I don’t think the cast-iron hydro was the first automatic transmission.”

October 2006 Issue

Issue Summary:

Some 1994-95 Isuzu Troopers with the 4L30-E may exhibit code 37, which will cause limp mode.

A 1995-97 Volkswagen/Audi with an O1M neutralizes either during an upshift into 4th gear or while operating in 4th gear.

After overhaul, 2001-and-up Ford vehicles equipped with the 4R70W, 4R70E or 4R75E may exhibit a 2-3 neutral upshift.

Do You Come to Play or to Win?

As many of you know I am an avid golfer among other things. I meet lots of people when I golf. Many of them are out there to play the game. They want to drive the cart or walk around in the sun and just be happy that they are out there away from the responsibilities of life for five hours.

Myths and Mysteries: The Top 15 Tech Calls Involving Transfer Cases

The first consideration for anyone in the automotive-repair business must be customer satisfaction, as the best advertising is the word of mouth generated by happy customers. As a buyer of parts you also should be concerned with customer satisfaction, since you are the customer. One of the necessities of this increasingly complex business is that your vendors supply you with not only quality parts but also technical help to ensure your success in diagnosing and repairing the unit you are working on. This article covers the 15 most-frequent transfer-case inquiries that we receive on the tech line, with No. 1 being the most-commonly asked question.


A 2001 Mitsubishi Galant with an F4A51 transmission came into a shop here in Miami with a complaint of no forward movement. The complaint was verified, and the unit was replaced with a rebuilt transmission that matched in gear ratio. After a thorough road test the car was returned to the owner.

2002-Up 5R55N/S/W Converter Noise: One Shop’s Solution

Converter shops around the country are seeing an increase in complaints about the late-model 5R55N/S/W converters; more specifically, the noise they make. These noises are described as a clattering sound, often compared with the sound made by the early E4OD multi-clutch converters. The sounds seem to be made by metal-to-metal contact, and all disappear when the TCC is applied.