John Pifke, Author at Transmission Digest
Food for Thought: How Hot Is Hot?

How long have you been in the transmission business? Have you ever honestly sat down and thought about how an automatic transmission heats up? I mean, how hot does it get and how fast does it get there? Does the temperature stabilize as it does in an engine, or is it always changing? Have you ever taken a car for a nice long drive to be sure you “got it hot” and not been able to reproduce the problem? I’m sure you always figured that stop-and-go city driving creates more heat than driving on the highway, but how much more?

When in Doubt, Reset

If you find yourself faced with a1998-up Acura RX300 or a 2000-up Toyota RAV4 with shift-quality concerns, here are a few things you should know before you waste your time chasing wild geese.