Ben Stern, Author at Transmission Digest
Not All Customers Are Good Customers

In defining a good (or bad) customer, you need to determine the factors that matter to your company. It is important to consider and evaluate the specific factors that impact your business, and how it should view its customers.

The Cog in Your Customer Experience Strategy

At the shop, they were able to remove the stubborn cog in a few minutes and the service guy walked me to the register. “That will be $17.64,” he said. Hmmm, I thought. It was a bit more than I expected, but certainly worth the time and effort I saved not fighting this with a vice, torch, and other Medieval devices. “Really?” I asked him, wanting to confirm that was the correct amount. The line item in the receipt read FREEWHEEL REMOVAL – and my project was a cog removal. He confirmed. I shook my head, paid and left.

Be the Special in Specialization

What about your business? Is it a specialty shop, perhaps one that specializes in a certain “T” word we all know and love in the automotive industry – or perhaps not?

Failure’s Place in Goal Logic

These people work their collective tails off and are not afraid to set the bar high. However, with lofty goals comes an increased chance of falling short.

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