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Transmission stories to be thankful for

Transmission repair is all about solutions. Problems present themselves; repair professionals solve them. That’s why this Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for solutions.

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Here at TD, we pride ourselves on playing a role in getting transmission professionals the assistance they need, whether that’s technical info or just telling stories of industry successes. Here are five transmission stories, trends and tips we’re thankful for as Thanksgiving 2022 arrives.

1) How to get started with OE ECU reprogramming

The conversation goes like this: I have been paying mobile programmers or remote access programmers (RAPs) far too long. I believe I can save money and time by doing this myself. What type of equipment is needed and what is the cost to get up and running?


Let’s find out!

2) A 3D printing solution for 948TE offset pump access

The Chrysler 948TE has an offset pump mounted in a housing that is retained by round internal snap ring that must be squeezed to release the pump from the housing. The difficulty in doing so: there is a double tension plate located at the bottom side of the pump. Read Wayne Colonna’s story on how 3D printing helped solve this problem here:


3) An easier way to install the center support in GM transmissions

From contributor Rick Hodgkinson: Whether you are working on a 6L45, 50, 80 or 90, installing the center support that houses the L/R and 2-6 Brake clutches into the case can at times be difficult. In the past, I would grab the inside of the assembly with my fingertips on the friction teeth of the 2-6 clutch pack. I’d lift it up and bring it down into the case as perfectly as I could so it wouldn’t get cocked in the case. And if all went well, the L/R clutch would index and the assembly would slide right in. But then there were times when it needed to be jiggled around before it finally sat in place. By this time, I would have raw fingertips.


I thought to myself, there must be an easier way. It was when I was building a 4L60-E transmission that I discovered this easier way.

What did Rick find? Read on below.


4) The diagnostic value of the scope

A scope is a powerful diagnostic tool. Lately we have seen our share of ECMs and TCMs failing, and the following stories are examples of such computer failures and how using a scope in the diagnostic process helped determine the cause.


5) Ford 6R140: Repairing the elusive intermittent neutral condition

The 6R140 has been in large Ford trucks since 2011 and is now considered a common unit in most shops. Our discussion today concerns the elusive intermittent neutral condition. At one particular time, this complaint was so common at one particular California utility company with a fleet of trucks that there seemed to be no solution in sight.

Read the rest of Jim Mobley’s account of this story below.



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