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Standing Behind It

Notwithstanding the complex inner workings of the units repaired every day by retail repair shops, there’s likely nothing more complex for a shop owner to understand than profiting from the warranty offered on transmissions and other powertrain rebuilds. If you have a Ph.D. in statistical analysis, you may be slightly ahead of the rest of us, but this is one of those areas where the science melds with the arts of experience and knowledge.

The Wild and Wonderful World of Warranty

In the auto-repair industry it is customary to warrant the product we provide to the customer for a period of time and mileage. A warranty is defined as a promise to the customer of a level of performance for the product they are buying to ensure that for a specified period any problems or failure of the product will be repaired or replaced at no expense to the customer. This sounds like a fairly simple issue, but it is anything but in the United States of Litigation.

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