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VW Overhaul Kit for 09G TF60SN

TransTec has announced an overhaul kit (p/n 49460815) and overhaul kit with pistons (p/n 49460816), which services the Volkswagen 09G/TF60SN transmission from 2014-Up. Kit available for following models: VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2014-UP VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2014-UP VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2014-UP VOLKSWAGEN NEW BEETLE 2014-UP VOLKSWAGEN POLO 2014-UP

Don’t Blow It

The JF506E in VW, Land Rover and Jaguar applications experiences a condition of no upshift out of first gear when cold due to mechanical malfunctions of the 2/4-brake timing and duty solenoids (Figure 1). And there are times when this transmission may also experience a no-reverse condition due to a mechanical malfunction of the low-clutch timing solenoid (Figure 2). This information has been in our past seminars as well as in our bulletins, and since the cold season is upon us it’s good to keep this in mind.

Adjusting Clutch-Control Valves on the Aisin FWD 6-Speeds

Have you ever installed a TF80, TF81 or TF60 after overhaul and it has had harsh shifts or engagements, or maybe there has been a flare/bump upshift or harsh coast-down clunks? Most times, clearing the shift adapts and driving the vehicle to relearn the shifts will correct these annoying problems. After a good, long test drive to relearn the shift adapts, sometimes a shifting or engagement problem remains. Assuming that there is not excessive wear in the valve body and the linear solenoids are good, the clutch-control valves on the valve body can be adjusted to correct these problems.

Adaptation and Shift Learning

Adaptation: One dictionary defines it as “the act of adapting or fitting one thing to another.” That very well describes what we have to do sometimes when we repair today’s modern transmissions. We have to adapt them or “fit them” to their new environment.

I was doing some testing for the research-and-development department of Valve Body Pro that required me to install different 09G valve bodies in a 2005 VW Jetta. Each valve body had different criteria to be tested, so I expected the transmission to engage and shift differently every time it had a different valve body.

Front-Seal Blowout after Converter Replacement in 09D/T Transmissions

The Aisin AW TR-60SN/VW 09D/T transmissions are found in the 2002-2010 VW Touareg and the 2003-2010 Porsche Cayenne. There have been reports of the front seal blowing out after the torque converter and related parts have been replaced.

The root cause of the seal blowing out is the buildup of pressure because the drain-back passage that normally vents the area behind the front seal is blocked. This area is normally vented through the stator support/pump cover. The seal-blowout issue occurs when the pump (body and gears) is mated to an incorrect stator support (pump cover) and blocks the drain-back passage. To understand how easy it is to make this mismatch, you need to know the large number of possible combinations. Be aware that the seal-blowout problem is only one of several issues that you can create if you mismatch components.

AW55-50: No Reverse; 09G/09K/09M: No Movement

I recently received a phone call from a shop that was working on a 2001 Volvo with an AW 55-50 transmission. The vehicle would not move when shifted from Park to Reverse. If the selector was first put into Drive then moved to Reverse, engagement was normal. The manual linkage was checked, confirming that the manual valve was in the reverse position.

What a Drag

The ATSG tech line frequently receives calls related to engine stall or even a partial-stalling condition that could be easily mistaken for an engine-performance problem in 1995 and later Audi/VW vehicles with the 01M transmission.