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Alto adds new electrical products

Alto has introduced two new electrical products. The first (pictured above) is a valve body wiring harness for GM 8L90E eight-speed transmissions (rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive). The harness (part no. 224507) covers model years 2015-2018. The second product (pictured above) is a circuit board for BorgWarner, Audi and Volkswagen 02E (DQ250) DSG transmissions, covering

Volkswagen DSG 02E: A simple fix for a solenoid problem

With the increase in manufacturers forcing the purchase of subcomponent replacements rather than enabling you to buy only what you need, it’s great to get a break every once in a while. Such is the case with Volkswagen’s 02E Direct Shift Gearbox. The solenoids mounted on the valve body are not available individually, so if you needed just one solenoid you would have to buy the entire Mechatronic assembly (valve body, solenoids and TCM) for about a thousand bucks.