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CVTs – Do I Rebuild Them or not?

The question of whether to rebuild a continuously variable transmission (CVT) has increased dramatically this past year on our technical hotline, and I thought I might risk making a few comments about this subject.

The call comes to our technical hotline a few different ways. The question has been: “Why are people saying you cannot rebuild CVTs?” or, “Is it worth trying to rebuild one of these” or, “What am I getting myself into if I try to rebuild one? What tools do I need?”

My answers to these questions follow.

Orbiting the World of Saturn’s CVT

The VT20/25-E CVT transaxle, otherwise known simply as VTi, is a transmission built in the Fiat GM Powertrain Plant in Hungary and is on the road in the United States in Saturn’s Vue SUV and in the Ion Quad Coupe.