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Benchtop Dry-Clutch Valve Body Testing Machine

Hydra-Test USA has unveiled a new testing solution for the double dry clutch 0AM (DQ-200) valve body. The benchtop model is an “all in one” solution that tests the complete unit. For customers with an existing Hydra-Test machine with the HTC controller, there is a direct plug-in version. The 0AM (DQ200) testing tool verifies the

Transmissions with Mechatronics – TEHCM

Beyond the issues of handheld tester capabilities relating to mechatronics is the current status of dynos and valve-body testers. On a dyno, the complete transmission is tested using the required software, as it is with a valve-body tester. The VB tester, however, has the additional challenge of a base plate that the valve-body bolts to.

Checking Valve Bodies With a Homemade Hydraulic Test Stand

There are several ways to check valve bodies for wear: wet air tests, wiggle tests, deflection measurements, vacuum gauges or the hydraulic test stand, the last of which is the focus of this article. In our shop I needed to be able to measure the leakage accurately and record the findings before and after the repair, and be able to print the results on paper to hand to my customers.

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