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An Easier Way to Install the JF506E Valve Body

Installing the JF506E valve body can be a challenge with the unit on the bench. Trying to install the valve body with the unit in the car is difficult not only because you cannot see the manual valve where it fits into the linkage but also because any sideways movement can damage the gasket.

There are two different manual valves, one for Mazda only and a shorter manual valve for Jaguar, Land Rover and Volkswagen. The valves are the same except the end is longer after the last land on the Mazda valve (Figure 1).

Orbiting Saturn

The problem here is in the assembly of the 1st-clutch drum. At first glance, all four of the piston-return-spring assemblies look identical (see Figure 1). Each caged assembly contains 16 springs and has an average overall height of 1.170 inches. The size and configuration of the spring cage allow for these assemblies to be interchanged among drums.