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AB60E 6-Speed (A750/761E big brother)

With all the changes swirling around the transmission world today, it’s no wonder that manufacturers look to benefit from “economy of scale.” Millions of dollars and much time are devoted to developing a completely new transmission platform. Once a new transmission design is implemented and proven successful, it only makes sense to enhance and expand upon it.

Take the case of the Aisin-produced A750E five-speed RWD, which was launched in 2003 for Lexus and Toyota. The Aisin handle for that model is TB-50LS. The A750E was a departure from not only the A340 family of transmissions but even the A650E five-speed. This new design was developed with an eye on the future.

V-8 Toyota Tundra

I am sure by now that most shops out there have run into the pesky P0770 “Solenoid E Fault,” on some type of Toyota or Lexus vehicle, that has given you the runaround. ATSG senior technical consultant Jim Dial and I have spoken about this on numerous occasions, since it is a very common problem on our tech line. Jim did a bit of investigating, and this is what he discovered.