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Chrysler Transmission-Range Sensor

The transmission range sensor (TRS) has three primary functions:

1. Provide a Park/Neutral start signal to the engine controller and the starter relay.
2. Turn the backup lamps on when the transmission is in Reverse and the engine (ignition) is on.
3. Provide a transmission-range signal to the instrument cluster.

Intermittent TCM Operation Creates Diagnostic Puzzle

She said her 1999 Dodge Caravan wasn’t shifting properly and her transmission-range indicator on the dash had a malfunction, and not even the Dodge dealership could find the problem. After performing our Certi-care evaluation, which includes test-driving the vehicle, scanning for service codes and performing a visual inspection, I was unable to find anything wrong. There were no codes, shift points were good, fluid was in good condition and the range indicator was working properly.