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The Road to AAPEX Ep. 2: Will a 33-year-old Cadillac even start?

“A lot of things happened, except when I turned the key.”  As a seasoned ASE-certified technician, Babcox Media’s Joe Keene knew that getting a 33-year-old Cadillac Brougham with more than 180,000 miles on it ready for the 2,500-mile drive from Akron, Ohio, to Las Vegas in time for AAPEX wasn’t going to be easy, but

Transtar, Sonnax highlight Drop-in Zip Valve parts

Transtar and Sonnax highlights the Drop-in Zip Valve line of parts. According to the company, the parts install quickly and easily, with no reaming or special tools required. They are designed to address the root causes of converter and lube related complaints by sealing critical pressure circuits. A detailed technical booklet is included with in-depth

Video: Why You Need an Aluminum Additive

Today’s ATFs have many other additives to protect against metal contact with other ferrous metals, not aluminum.

6R140 Center Supports

In this episode, Transtar’s Dave Hritsko explains some of the features of the 6R140 – (hint) they are super heavy. If you haven’t worked on one of these yet, be prepared, they have large and heavy components. These transmissions have a big plate on the back of the planetary that is basically a bearing race

6L80-6L90 Cooler Flow Bypass Valve Kit

This Superior Bypass Kit from Transtar (p/n A104996-5K) allows full-time cooler flow and lubrication to parts. The kit reduces the risk of overheating while under load and increases transmission fluid life. Fits 2010-2021 GM applications with 6L80-6L90 transmissions.

Win a Trip to Hawaii with Transtar’s Rewards Program

Transtar’s Patrick Flannery explains the benefits of using their transend application for earning rewards to concerts, golf courses and trips – even to Hawaii! If you are already ordering parts from Transtar, why not get some extra points towards something fun? If you have not signed up for a transend account, check it out here.

Transtar’s Search By Diagram Feature

In this episode, Transtar’s Patrick Flannery introduces a great new feature on transend that you may not know about – diagram search. From the transend homepage, select the “by diagram” feature and type in the transmission model. A list of components will pull up so you can select the parts you need.

Transtar – Quick Add Feature

Transtar’s Patrick Flannery shows us how to use the transend Quick Add feature, which he says many shops are utilizing to their advantage. If you have frequently purchased items that you know the part number of the top of your head, you can go to the quick add feature and load it into your cart

Transtar Industries Launches Customer Reward Program

Transtar customers can now earn points every time they purchase parts on

Lube On Demand Valve Kit

Transtar has announced the 6T31-6T51 (6T40 Generation 3) Lube On-Demand Valve Kit. This drop-in kit reroutes fluid to a sleeved limit valve for proper cooler/lube flow and includes an O-ring to seal the path that previously allowed valuable converter feed pressure to exhaust.

8L45/90 Pressure Regulator & Shuttle Valve Kit

This critical shuttle valve spool, available from Transtar (p/n S154741PK), is made 30% longer than OE for added sealing and durability. These drop-in Zip Valve parts install quickly and easily. The valve kit includes the Pressure Regulator Valve, Spring, Shuttle Valve, and Shuttle Sleeve.

Following The Supply Chain

Transtar Industries has become a significant player in the transmission industry by supplying the parts shops need to rebuild or remanufacture any unit that comes through the door. But getting the parts to your shop in time to service your customer takes a lot of planning and work behind the scenes in the ever-changing supply