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Kitting keeps us profitable: Aftermarket kit suppliers listing 2024

The kitting of transmission parts has made profitable shop operation possible. When a kit with 100 parts is necessary, a distributor has already assembled all the important components into the kit and it is typically sitting on the shelf ready to be delivered. Kitting saves time and effort for both the shop and the supplying

Transmissions for the Win

Mike Cargill explains the benefits of working on transmission performance.

Remodel, Renovate, Redesign

Anyone who’s ever taken on a large home remodel knows the time, stress, money, unforeseen challenges and people management that comes with the new look. The amount of time spent planning, strategizing and anticipating simply cannot account for the mold that it turns out was under the floor or the delayed shipping on that tile you picked out, or the endless humidity that prevents the wallpaper from sticking.

The Rules of Selling in the Automotive Trades – Part 4

A major rule in selling is to decide what you want to be and stick to it. As in most other things you have a choice, but you really need to choose wisely because this choice may be the one that shapes your entire future in the auto repair business.

The Aggressive Sale Doesn’t Sell

Andee Fromm describes the importance of not being too aggressive in sales.


When last we met I was in the midst of explaining, step by step, the process of making the sale. We got up to step eight in which we presented our findings to our customer. This cannot be done until we have all of the information we need to not only diagnose the problem(s) but to determine what is needed to take care of it or them; what parts it will take, their availability and cost, what labor operations will need to be performed and their cost, and how long it will take to complete all work.

Building a Positive Attitude, Building Your Bank Account

Negative attitude, for that matter, is perhaps more contagious that positive attitude. It’s why one negative coworker can ruin the mood of the entire team the minute they walk in the door. Positive attitude has to be on purpose.

Fish Stink From the Head

One of Sam’s most frequent reminders to ETE’s leadership is “fish stink from the head.” What Sam means is that the worst smelling part of a dead fish is its head. But what Sam really means is that most problems within a company can be traced back to its leadership.

The Good and the Great Manager

How important was it to the owner of the business to have a top-notch manager run it for him or her? While some would feel that the manager is the face of the business, the one that customers, vendors, and employees see and therefore need to believe in; others might think they are simply a go-between, just another rung in the ladder.

The Self-Determined Manager

The best managers intentionally create an environment where employees thrive and great work gets done. To become “self-determined,” you must make a choice to follow through every day and never, ever let up.

Fire Your Center Manager

Here’s the hard part: ask yourself, “Does my center manager meet those expectations? Do they have what I need them to have in order to represent my brand and conduct business in a way that makes me proud?”

Training: A Necessary Evil!

Why do I refer to training as a necessary evil? Because it is so necessary to the ongoing success of an automotive business, but so evil in the idea of getting employees to participate in it. For some unknown reason a high percentage of techs who have worked in the business for a few years and maybe had some previous training or picked up everything they think they need to know working in a shop, don’t feel they need or should have to attend any kind of additional training.