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Tools for the Excellent Manager

I use the word integrity as opposed to honesty when talking about advertising because technically and legally an ad can be honest but at the same time can lack integrity if the offer is too difficult to understand, has too many hoops to jump through, only applies to a product in very short supply or one in which the offer has an end date that a consumer doesn’t have enough time to respond to.

When Does a Transmission or Auto-Service Business no Longer Need to Advertise?

Primarily, we cut back or quit advertising because at some point our egos tell us that we are so well known in our communities that people will just automatically come to us. That’s not true and never will be. Because we are a service business people look for us only when they need us, which for some is not very often. We are not “top of mind” like the pizzeria they call every week. When they need services like ours they have to look for them, and that usually happens when they are already in some type of trouble.

The Trickle-Down Effect

Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish I had just one or two more majors a week? Boy, if I did I could really make some money in this shop.” The question is, after all these years in business why don’t you have them? As a matter of fact, some shops are finding that they don’t even have enough business to maintain the level of income they once enjoyed. They come up one or two majors short of making a living most weeks.