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OTC releases TJHP15 transmission jack 

OTC has released the new TJHP15 transmission jack. The jack is air-assisted and has a 1,500-lb. capacity. According to the company, features include rugged wall tubing and an oversized base; foot-operated air pump controls the air-powered hydraulic operation, which lifts the head quickly to the work location; and included safety chains. Specs of the TJHP15

12 transmission jack safety tips

A transmission jack is a must to remove, install or move transmissions, transfer cases and transaxles in a shop. These jacks save backs and time, but they are powerful multitask lifting systems so they must be operated correctly, with safety being the first priority. Unlike a conventional hydraulic floor jack or bumper jack that raises

OTC introduces TJH10 high-lift transmission jack

OTC released the new TJH10 1,000-lb. capacity high-lift transmission jack, used for securely positioning a load to remove or install transmissions. The jack features a universal saddle with knobs to adjust the head and secure powertrain components, including transmissions. Features of the TJH10 highlighted by the company include: Meets the newest ASME PASE-2019 safety standards.