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Aftermarket transmission parts: The more you give, the more you get back

Ever since my father started his aftermarket automatic transmission parts company in 1961, transmissions have been a big part of my life. I grew up watching dad build his business and spent my formative professional years learning the ropes directly from the master. Back then, automatic transmissions were rare in the United States, so the

June Cover Feature
Chips ahoy: What the microchip shortage means for the transmission industry

A shortage of microchips and other automotive parts is creating a scarcity of new cars on dealership lots. Inventories of new cars to buy or lease are very constricted and aren’t likely to be back to normal for several months. Jean-Marc Chery, CEO of chip manufacturing company STMicroelectronics, says the effects of the shortages are

Rich History – Bright Future

Transmission Digest visits ATSG to discover how the company links tradition with forward thinking.

Oetiker – Putting It Together

“It’s easy to think of a connector or clamp as something simple,” said Oetiker Regional Marketing Manager Brett Moffett. “But, there is a reason that the OEMs have consciously decided to invest into the quality and reliability of the Oetiker connection. The same consideration is as important in a high-mileage aftermarket application as it was

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