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Shift pointers: Tricky sensor situations

Sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug—a phrase many of us have heard and experienced. It’s inevitable. The idea is to be the windshield as much as possible. Shane from Cottman Transmissions had a helluva day but in the end, he was the windshield. In his shop he had a 2016 Explorer using

New GM Corporate 14-Bolt Kit for Rear Axle/Flange

Stage 8 recently introduced an all-new GM Corporate 14-Bolt Kit for Rear Axle/Flange, (p/n GM-14AX). High-intensity off-roading over extreme terrain creates harsh conditions that can often cause bolts to loosen, which is a major safety issue. As a solution, Stage 8 has added to its off-road lineup a full-floating rear axle retaining bolt kit with ½-in.

Transmission With a Mind of its Own

A customer had brought in her 2010 Ford Escape equipped with a 3.0L engine and the 6F35 transaxle. The customers concern with the vehicle was that the transmission slipped intermittently. We started our evaluation with a quick visual inspection of the vehicle and checking fluids, all of which checked out good.

The Toyota Prius P111 Hybrid Transaxle

The Toyota Prius P111 hybrid transaxle shown in Figure 1 is a continuously variable transaxle. If you are already familiar with a Subaru Legacy or a Honda Civic HX, you might think this is another CVT with a belt and pulleys. Not this unit…

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