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Diagnosing without Testing ‘Like Throwing Darts in Dark’

This particular 2003 Toyota Corolla came to my friend’s shop with a simple miss and a code for the No. 4 coil confirmation signal not being received by the PCM. The first part tried was a coil from the dealer. With the same code coming back and the engine still missing on the same cylinder, more testing revealed that the injector for that cylinder was not operating, and another was substituted. This resulted in no change, and another coil was tried, then switched to another cylinder. Injectors were switched around, and then a PCM was ordered and the car was sent to us for programming. My friend assured me that he wanted nothing further to do with the car and told us to find the problem.

Re-flash – Read All About It

I find any articles or training related to the topic of re-flashing or reprogramming computers to be of great interest and a great help to me and to all transmission technicians because it has become a very prominent repair procedure. In fact, looking through the past 10 years of OE bulletins, I find that the ratio of actual repairs versus computer reprogramming has changed dramatically, totally favoring computer reprogramming.

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