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Alto adds torque converter sealing ring kit for Mercedes 722.6

Alto has introduced a new torque converter sealing ring kit for the Mercedes-Benz 722.6 transmission, model years 1996 and on. The kit contains two d-rings and one lathe cut seal.

The 6R140 torque converter: Common fault codes and how to rebuild

There are many reasons for converter clutch slip codes to occur in vehicles equipped with the Ford 6R140 transmission. One is bore wear in the valve body with any one of the three valves related to converter clutch apply and release. Low line pressure could be another. But there is a third that is inherent

Torque converter supplier listing 2023

As part of TD’s annual July focus on torque converters, below is a listing of torque converter suppliers for 2023, with information submitted by the companies. Active companies in the Transmission Digest supplier database have provided the information contained in the following listing. Every effort has been made to accurately portray the data provided. View

Dorman introduces new torque converter solenoid for Subaru

Among new products released by Dorman is an OE FIX torque converter lock-up solenoid (part no. 926-408) that the company says is designed to match the fit and function of the original part on almost four million 2012-2020 Subaru vehicles. This new repair solution allows the replacement of just the failed solenoid rather than the

Georend highlights billet aluminum stator for torque converters

Georend highlights its billet aluminum stator for torque converters. Georend says that torque converters with its billet aluminum stator also are built with lugged outer races that will not strip out. A damaged stator race will also greatly reduce vehicle drivability. But the company says that in their product, both the inner and outer races

Alto launches new Mazda torque converter

Alto recently announced a new torque converter for the Mazda FW6A-EL transmission, model years 2012 and on. The one-sided friction clutches feature Alto’s G3 high-performance material, the company notes.

Alto adds new torque converter sealing ring set

Alto has introduced a new 25-piece kit of torque converter scarf cut teflon sealing rings for a variety of AW, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Toyota transmissions. Models covered include: TF60-SN (09G), TF61-SN (09K), TF62-SN (09M), AB60E/F, model years 2007 and on. The Alto part number is A40045TCU25.

GFX introduces variety of new products: Oil pumps, friction plates, bearings and more

GFX recently announced a bevy of new products, from oil pumps to friction plates to bearings to several others. Here’s a roundup of the latest from the company: Ford used oil pump GFX has introduced a used oil pump for Ford transmissions including the 10R80. According to the company, these hard parts are designed to

Alto introduces new torque converter frictions for Mazda FW6A-EL

Alto has introduced a new torque converter friction line for the Mazda FW6A-EL transmission, model years 2012 and on. According to the company, these one-sided friction clutches feature Alto’s G3 high-performance material. Alto notes that the torque converter takes two of each friction clutch. Part numbers are 225714A (above) and 225715A (below).

Alto introduces torque converter bushing for GM transmissions

Alto has introduced a new torque converter bushing set, for GM 8L45E and 8L90E transmissions, model years 2014 and on. The part number is 224214, the OEM reference number is GM-B-7, and the dimensions are as follows: OD 1.901-in., ID 1.771-in., Height .476-in.

Ford 6R140: Identifying unique torque converter features and avoiding application pitfalls

The Ford 6R140 was introduced in 2010 (for 2011 model year trucks) as a six-speed used in Super Duty gas- and diesel-powered applications. Today, these units are in high-value, hard-working trucks at the peak of the repair cycle. Aftermarket programming (especially with the diesel variants) is pulling additional power from the engines, putting further loads

Biggest takeaways from the TCRA annual seminar

June 24 and 25 brought us the annual Torque Converter Rebuilders Association (TCRA) seminar, in which the organization meets to talk technical issues, vote on its board, and hold seminars. More coverage of this event is forthcoming in TD’s July issue, but in the meantime, here are some of the biggest takeaways from seminar day.