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Non-Tiptronic vs. Tiptronic-Style 01M

Most Volkswagens that use the 01M transmission in the United States are non-Tiptronic. However, there is a Tiptronic version of this transmission that is used in other parts of the world, and you never know when one might pull into your shop for service.

The 4T65-E – Does It Have a Twin?

In this article I’ll share with you some of the differences that I have found between the 4T65-E “Tiptronic” and the typical “non-Tiptronic” 4T65-E.

Steptronic, Tiptronic, Geartronic – Ah, What’s the Difference?

I am always amused by the many different names we see that are used to describe basically the same device. For example, we have a pressure-control solenoid, or we could call it an EPC (electronic pressure-control) solenoid, a force motor or a linear solenoid. We have the same thing with what Chrysler has called an Autostick, which now is being referred to as a J Gate, Steptronic, Tiptronic or Geartronic – how Ironic (see Figure 1).