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Heavy-Duty TH350/350C Intermediate Outer Race

Tri Component has announced the availability of a heavy-duty TH350/350C intermediate outer race (p/n 35723HD).  Classic, upgraded, street units require break-resistance and toughness. The outer race will support high horsepower and torque demands. Tri’s race incorporates special alloy steels and heat treatment for improved thermal stability and shock resistance. The unique race is a drop-in replacement

Retrofitting the GM 12-Inch 350/400 Non-Lockup Converter

The GM 12-inch 350/400 non-lockup converter is still very popular with torque-converter rebuilders. The converters are needed for many vehicles from that era that are being restored, and even more are used in the construction of street rods. The high demand and limited availability for cores have been an issue with some rebuilders. The lack of cores is easy to understand when you consider it has been more than three decades since the last GM 12-inch non-lockup converter was manufactured.

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