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The Importance of a Positive Seal

Toyota has been plagued by torque converter clutch (TCC) issues for many years. The shudder issues started with the on-off lock strategy and continue with the present-day advanced strategies. Any Toyota 2002 and newer front wheel drive vehicle can have this issue. There are currently two technical service bulletins (TSB) that address this issue.

Mercedes 722.6: Cold Stall/TCC Shudder

For several years, technicians have been trying to solve the mysterious cold-stall issue in vehicles equipped with Mercedes 722.6 transmissions. When the problem was first identified, it was thought to be associated with aftermarket components. At that time, no one had seen the problem in a vehicle that still had only original equipment.

Cummins Diesel TCC Shudder: a New Twist

A 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 4×4, with a Cummins diesel engine and a 618 transmission, was brought to a transmission shop with a complaint of TCC shudder. Three to four months prior to coming to the shop, the customer noticed a change in the TCC-apply feel. He said that the TCC apply had suddenly become more aggressive or abrupt. The condition had worsened over the course of three to four months, until the start of the shudder issue.