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TransTec introduces stator sleeve tool kit

TransTec has introduced a new Stator Sleeve Tool Kit, which allows users to remove and replace worn-out GM stator sleeves, allowing them to rebuild the stator support instead of purchasing an aftermarket replacement.   Each kit includes a removal tool and an instruction sheet. Each kit also comes with TransTec’s new replacement sleeves, one of

Georend highlights billet aluminum stator for torque converters

Georend highlights its billet aluminum stator for torque converters. Georend says that torque converters with its billet aluminum stator also are built with lugged outer races that will not strip out. A damaged stator race will also greatly reduce vehicle drivability. But the company says that in their product, both the inner and outer races

A Twist of Fate

Aisin Seiki’s six-speed transmission used in medium-duty trucks is called by various names. It is the AS68RC in Dodge incomplete-chassis packages using L6 6.7-liter diesel engines. It is also called the AS6 in the Mitsubishi Fuso, the M036A6 in Nissan UDs and the A465 in Isuzu NPR trucks.

One of the common failures with this transmission is the stator turning in the pump (figures 1 and 2). A similar problem occurs with Allison 1000/2000 transmissions, in which it causes a TCC overheat and/or C1-clutch failure. You can quickly determine this by pulling the return cooling line. Oil comes out of the case fitting instead of the cooling line.