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Diagnosing AS68RC intermittent pressure switch/linear solenoid performance codes

Intermittent pressure switch codes on vehicles with the Aisin Seiki AS68RC transmission have been very difficult to nail down to one specific cause. The two most common pressure switch codes for this transmission are P0746 clutch pressure control solenoid A or linear solenoid A performance or “Stuck Off,” which also includes pressure switch 1 mechanical

Diagnosing an unusual problem: A slow-to-respond solenoid

A 2001 Chevrolet S-10 pickup came into our shop the other day. This job started with a concern of the engine revving high and not shifting correctly. With the truck being equipped with a 4L60E transmission, I expected to find non-functioning third and fourth gears, which is a common failure for these transmissions. I scanned

Diagnosing Chrysler transmission max line pressure and P0933, P0869, P1745 codes

This article applies to Chrysler RFE, RLE and TES transmissions that utilize pressure control solenoids (PCS) for line pressure control. The subject is a rather common electrical fault that may occur on the PCS line pressure solenoid circuit, which results in max line pressure. Diagnosis and correction of a max line pressure condition may become

Rostra offers variable bleed solenoids for Ford 6R80, 6R100, 6R140

Rostra has announced the availability of 10 NH/NL variable bleed replacement solenoids for bands 1–5 of Ford‘s 6R80, 6R100, 6R140 transmissions. According to the company, replacement solenoids for have been notoriously hard to find, as dealer availability can be spotty, and core pile finds may not be reliable. Rostra says these solenoids come with an

Ford 6R80 & 6R140: Troubleshooting timing-related shift issues

As the old saying goes: “timing is truly everything.” Or is it? Either way, we know for sure that this is extremely true in the world of transmissions. Timing problems with clutch apply or with combined clutch apply and clutch release can create all kinds of complaints from flared shifts to harsh shifts to a

Sonnax highlights solenoid stabilization clip inserts for GM, Ford 10-speed transmissions

Sonnax highlights the solenoid stabilization clip insert #105740-01K for Ford and GM 10-speed transmissions. Sonnax says users can secure LFS solenoids in GM 10L80 and 10L90 as well as Ford 10R80 and 10R140 transmissions with this product, used in conjunction with OE spring retainers. These steel clip inserts force the OE spring retainers to completely

Sonnax highlights solenoid test manifold kit

Sonnax highlights its solenoid test manifold kit (part no. 35430-VTK), which allows users to verify solenoid internal sealing integrity in ZF8HP45/55/70 and Chrysler 845RE transmissions. According to Sonnax, the leading cause of solenoid failure in these units is an inability to maintain an internal mechanical seal, resulting in a multitude of drivability concerns. This kit

The diagnostic value of the scope

There was a time in my career when replacing a computer was touch and go. I always tried to do my due diligence and eliminate everything else as a possible cause before replacing the computer, but sometimes that wasn’t enough, and I would miss something along the way. That was long before I learned how

Sonnax highlights remanufactured EPC solenoid

Sonnax highlights its remanufactured EPC solenoid #36940E-RRP, which the company says is built to replace failed Ford 5R110W EPC solenoids. Sonnax says its remanufactured solenoids are disassembled, cleaned and tested to meet OE specifications. Sonnax #36940E-RRP includes a new sleeve/valve assembly and plastic end cap; however, an OE core must be supplied.

Solenoid Test Adapter Blocks

Hydra-Test USA has released new Solenoid Test adapter blocks for the U.S. market. The new blocks add coverage for the Chrysler RE series, Allison 1000/2000 (5/5-speed), and the Chrysler 62TE to the company’s extensive line of solenoid test adapters. The 62TE block is designed to test individual solenoids when disassembling the solenoid pack. Blocks are

Video: Solenoid testing with GM transmissions

Testing many solenoids can be easy, but not so with the GM TEHCM units. Since the solenoids are contained within a single housing and connected to a TCM, testing is much more difficult. There are however test kits available that can make the process relatively simple. The test kits are produced by Kent-More and are

Mazda’s SkyActiv-Drive 6-speed automatic unit: Magnet is Loaded with Metal

The progressive development of Mazda’s “SkyActiv®” engine and transmission has resulted in an engine that should be available in 2019 called the “SkyActiv-X.” The name SkyActiv given to this drivetrain reflects their back-casting developing method. They started with what they wanted to achieve regardless of how impossible it may seem, and work their way backwards to identify what made that goal seem impossible.